Facial trauma and numb teeth

I was hit in the face with a board just above the upper lip toward into the cheek bone region. I never had and open bleeding or bruising. Initially i was extremely sore, with uppr teeth, lip, and lower nose area numb. After most pain went away within a day or so i still had numb upper teeth on left side of face. Tooth Numbness post trauma - Dental Health Message Board - HealthBoards Minnie. Age: 30. Hi, hi hi Drowning in Adults and Children: Facial fractures are fractures (broken bones) of the face and mouth. They commonly include fractures of the nose (nasal), cheekbones (zygoma), surrounds to the eyes (orbit) and upper (maxilla) and lower (mandible) jaws. My face is numb or feels odd, after a facial injury, how long. Yurizan. Age: 20. Sweet and sexy ladies for you:** maja and laura Facial Fractures and Nasal Fractures: Evaluation and Management Dec 19, - Maxillofacial injuries can be complex and multi-specialty involvement in their management may be needed. Understanding Any numbness or tingling on the face. Assessment for Le Fort fractures (see below): put one hand on the anterior maxillary teeth, the other on the nasal bridge. Only the teeth will. Jul 26, - My front right tooth and all teeth from there back on the right side are numb. I'm hoping the feeling will return, but saw your post and it was too similar not to reply to. Any news from you facial trauma? Hope to hear back! My facial x-rays look good according to the doc. If my zygomatic arch is fractured it is not.

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Becky. Age: 24. I am very easy to approach and i usually get on with anyone. Sep 13, - Evaluation and management of the most common facial fractures as well as nasal fractures are discussed. Apr 4, - Numbness after being punched in the face. This hit my Cheek bone which in turn led to instant numbness in my right cheek, right side of upper lip and all the upper teeth on right side. and a I would think that you may well see this go away in a few days as the nerve recovers from the initial trauma. Aug 20, - Sub-conjunctival haemorrhage, a bleed in the white of the eye, usually indicates some bony fracture in any bone of the eye socket Anaesthesia or parasthesis (numb or altered feeling) in the infraorbital nerve causing a numb feeling to some or all of the upper teeth and gums on that side and/or the skin.


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