Household items as anal lubricant

Jan 22, - Do you search for a household anal lube that would not hurt you and your partner? Or perhaps you just find yourself in the middle of anal adventure. His roanal lube natural, anal oil, best anal lube alternative, household anal lube.‎Can You Use Vaseline As · ‎Can I Use Olive Oil As Lube? Error | Empty Closets Sienna. Age: 30. when we get together you will have a guaranteed of few hours of pleasure If I want it back to liquid form I just throw it in a sink filled with hot water for a few, or take the cap off and microwave it for about 30 seconds. Sorry, Full sized images are viewable for bonus group members only. Dec 10, - Crisco has long been beloved by gay and straight fetish communities for things like anal play and fisting. Because this vegetable shortening is so heavy, it stays where you put it with an almost putty-like consistency. It's hard to remove, though; so be aware that it probably shouldn't be your first choice for. Angell. Age: 25. Beauty for a nice gentleman offers to become acquainted with a Russian girl Homemade lube/in-home Jan 26, - Still, some other items work great. I personally haven't tried olive oil, because, well, it's expensive enough that I'd rather cook with it than use it sexually, because it has a particular, distinctive odor, and because it really is rather thin- not what you're looking for in anal lubrication. I do hear that some people. May 26, - [*]For anal play by yourself, anything that you can eat, you can use for a lube. If you're in your bed, put a towel underneath because oily things can stain the sheets and mattress. Use your fingers if you're a beginner. If you do purchase a dildo, then you will need to ask about the right lube to use with your household substitutes for anal lube?

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Abbi. Age: 19. 25 y old I figured maybe the hand lotion? But it is vanilla scented and has quite a few ingredients, including some shifty looking ones with alcohol in the name, and I don't know if that would be too good for getting all up in my ass. Tl:dr. Any household things I could use to lube up the handle of a hairbrush so I can put  [Anal play] What are safe household oils to use as a lube. Jun 12, - Some lubes work better for a specific type of sex (such as anal), and others have ingredients that are tailored for people with a specific skin type. Though there are tons of options to use something as lube. Here are a few non-lube foods and household items that you could try using as a personal lubricant. Feb 10, - Natural Homemade Lubricant: The DIY Guide. If you haven't considered making your own lube, you're missing out on the fun and all the benefits. Switching to DIY lube ensures you know exactly what you're putting in your body, and you can ensure the formula is all natural.


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