Smell coming from anus

Hi. this is so embarrasing but I saw a post from yrs back on this site about people who were having problems with fecal odor even after bathing. Unfortunatlely noone really seemed to find answers to this problem although it feels a little better reading that others have had this problem although sometimes even that doesnt. Proctitis (General Information) Lola. Age: 23. i’m positive thinker, doing me jobs with passion and love, available to travel worldwide. I promise unforgetable moments ! Don’t hesitate to contact to me and i hope we will date soon… For the young guys and ladies i guarantee you can start dating and hanging around with friends and getting that dream job. Diarrheal stool may leave remnants on the buttock that may not be cleaned by usual practices. I first became aware of my problem when I was in seventh grade, so I must have been about twelve years old at the time. I am currently eighteen. I was in a cooking glass, and a girl in my group just flat out told me, ”Your butt smells.” I had never really noticed it before, and didn't really notice it that much immediately aft strong fecal odor coming from anus at Body Odor Forum, topic. Suzanne. Age: 22. *NO RUSH Why Does My Butt Smell? The odor is usually isolated to the anus and the area immediately around it (perianal area). However, depending on factors like personal hygiene and tendency to perspire, the odor may affect a large part of the buttocks area. Similarly clothing like undergarments is also a factor in contributing to the odor of the area. Smelly. May 2, - Whether it's an infection, a hygiene issue, or digestive troubles, there are plenty of things that can affect the smell of your butt. Odors are often "If you're unsure about what is causing a foul odor or how to help your hygiene issue, it's important to seek medical care to find the underlying cause." Your doctor.

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Bella. Age: 18. melissa. Is this smell noted all the time, or only during certain parts of the day or after defecation? Is it related to anything that you eat? Have you noted any pain with defecation, any discharge from your anus, or any bleeding after or during defecation? Sometimes, patients may have anal fissures that can trap fecal material and cause. The eccrine glands around the anus produce odorless sweat. However, if you also have poor hygiene, this sweat can mix with bacteria or fecal matter resulting in a foul odor. More importantly, if the sweat is allowed to build up over a period of time, bacteria and germs will accumulate, leading to maceration or chronic itching. Nov 20, - Best of luck"For the other group of people, who are convinced the odor is gas or stool smell escaping (as opposed to some obstruction on the skin around the anus area), minor fecal incontinence (gas incontinence) seems to make sense ( e=digestiv/). But a common experience.


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