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Jun 5, - Sex or masturbation ensues. The pressure from the belt cuts off the flow of blood through the veins in his neck, causing blood to congest in the brain. Oxygen levels drop and carbon dioxide levels increase, producing lightheadedness and, for some, intensifying erotic pleasure. When death occurs, it's. Is there a safe way to perform autoerotic asphyxiation? Chanell. Age: 24. I'm IDYA, a Milan escort-companion 41 y There is a direct physiological explanation behind the increased sensation, and it has more to do with the rush of oxygen that comes after the release of the choke. E L Lloyd notes that they may be similar to the hallucinations experienced by climbers at altitude. Jul 12, - Auto-erotic asphyxia is a method of increasing sexual excitement by restricting the oxygen supply to the brain, usually by tightening a noose around the neck. Although usually associated with hardcore sexual masochists it often arouses interest among the less experienced - curious schoolboys and young. Mirra. Age: 21. Kisses lea Erotic asphyxia and the limits of the brain Apr 9, - off blood flow and oxygen to your brain to the point that you feel like you're going to pass out seems like a nightmare. Or a fantasy. This is one of many ways to perform erotic asphyxiation, also known as breath control play, the practice of intentionally restricting blood flow to the brain for sexual arousal. Jan 9, - Autoerotic Asphyxiophilia, also known as erotic asphyxiation or “breath control play”, is the intentional restriction of oxygen to the brain for the purpose of sexual arousal. Some people find that reducing or severing air flow via strangulation or suffocation can heighten sexual arousal and orgasmic pleasure.

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Terry. Age: 25. I'm a real elite companion, able to offer you the high class escort experience you've been dreaming about Feb 25, - Erotic Strangulation. Latex Hood. For most of us, sex is about making love, an enjoyable part of everyday life. But, for some it's about chasing a bigger, brighter, more explosive orgasm through a practice that is potentially lethal. Restricting the supply of oxygen or blood to the body during sex may lead to a. Sep 23, - Erotic asphyxiation, or EA, is a sexual act that involves suffocation. You probably know that already. For some, this is just the thrill of being dominated with a hand on the throat, for others the sensation of oxygen being cut off from the brain heightens the intensity of an orgasm. For others, the aim is to pass. Jun 14, - If you've ever felt your oxygen being cut off as you're headed toward climax, you'll understand why. One light squeeze around the neck, timed with an increase in sexual rhythm, can make the erotic nature of an intimate encounter as frighteningly pleasurable as it is dangerous. There is a direct physiological.


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