Should my vagina smell like fish

Jan 9, - You may not realize it, but the foods you eat can actually affect your vaginal odor. Foods that have strong scents, like garlic, pepper, chilies, fish, blue cheese, onion, cabbage and broccoli can cause strange odors. If food is causing the fishy smell, try eliminating them from your diet to see if the smell  ‎Common Causes of Fishy · ‎Sweat · ‎How to Get Rid Of Vaginal. How Are Vaginas Supposed To Smell? | SheKnows Vicki. Age: 21. Hello dear ladies and gentlemen Why should we hate what's normal, healthy, and part of the rich female experience? Feb 20, - Maybe you've wondered, "Does my vagina smell normal? "I don't know how to describe what a vagina should smell like, but I can tell you what it shouldn't smell like," says Mary Jane Minkin, M.D., clinical professor of obstetrics, gynecology, "The vagina shouldn't smell like rotten fish or anything rotting. Josie. Age: 27. im a mature 21yo student specializing in psychology. I'm bubbly, spontaneous, intelligent, ambitious, caring and understanding. What’s Your Vagina Supposed to Smell Like? Don't believe him when he tells you it smells like rose petals when it's supposed to smell like pussy. That's what they're doing -- trying to clean it up, make it smell like bathroom spray or a garden. All those douche sprays -- floral, berry, rain. I don't want my pussy to smell like rain. All cleaned up like washing a fish after you. After a quick pelvic exam, he confirmed my diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis (BV), aka fishy-smelling crotch. As my face registered horror at such a gross-sounding ailment, he informed me that bacterial vaginosis is actually the most common vaginal infection in women ages 15–44 and easily treatable with widely available.

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Elektra. Age: 29. Also I offering STRAPON services!ROLE PLAY!!!!TRAVEL COMPANION!and more All vaginas have a scent. The 2 types of smells you don't want down there are: 1. Roses or strawberries. If your vagina smells flowery or fruity, you're in trouble because we all know that's artificial and bad for your health in the long run. So d. Oct 6, - You are what you eat sometimes, and that also goes for how you smell down there. Ever notice when you eat garlic or asparagus, your pee (and sometimes your discharge or vagina) kinda smells like garlic or asparagus? But what about seafood? If you wer.


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