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Feb 14, - Messages: , Date Posted: Feb 13, #1. Advertisement. I'm 18 and i'm still a virgin. It's sort of weird reading people's thoughts on virgins. We're depraved, bitter souls who are "nice guys"(you know the type) apparently. I'm trying not to view losing my virginity as a race doe, just kind of seeing what happens in lanyos-jatekok.info anyone else regret losing their virginity? What age did you lose your virginity? | IGN Boards Isolde. Age: 26. yourґs lovely companion in germany and europe is looking forward to meet you soon... Model House of Commons Replies: Jan 13, - How do you know if you have lost your virginity. Sexual Health - Teens Message Board yes any type of vaginal intercource means that you are no longer a virgin, if you are talking about breaking your hymen, then with some women with intercourse will break a small peice of skin and will make you. Breanne. Age: 27. Luksusowa dziewczyna (wyższe wykształcenie, 3 języki, miłośniczka opery i teatru) dotrzyma towarzystwa zamożnemu panu. What age did you lose your virginity? I was She'd already had sex with 4 people. Anyhow, the last time we had sex, she said, and I swear on my life, "Are you finally going to make me feel like a woman?" I have a small package and the only way I can be good in bed is if I have skills, especially orally. Needless to say, I had zero skills. hello satish you are very curious personality, as you like to know everyone details on forum, are you sure that this type details are useful for you, and it make some sense to know this information. Reply to Original Message Reply to This Message Msg Objection Go to Top.

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Luna. Age: 23. +841265150714 Sep 30, - When you lose your virginity, it can be understandable to be a little confused about who you should tell. Your best friend? Your sister? Your parents? While losing your v-card is a big deal and an important part of your life, is it something that mom and dad need to know about? This discussion is going on. Jan 15, - Read what these girls had to say in the message boards, and then check out what we have to say – then let us know what you think. PrincessCheyenne said: So I've heard that after you lose your virginity to a guy, there is a hormone in the female brain that is released that makes them more attached and. Jul 9, - “I hear if the penis goes in a tip of the vagina the girl is no longer a virgin.” jnutty said: “No this does not mean you lost your virginity.” lacrimis said: “No, you are still a virgin. It only really counts if the naked penis goes inside of a naked vagina.” kissmeimleah said: “'Breaking the hymen' has nothing to do.


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